Portrait FAQs

Q: I want a portrait done. Do you have a studio?

A: Yes I do. Most of my work is done in the studio. I'm a female photographer (some people find that more comfortable).

Q: Where are you?

A: I am located in West Flamborough AKA Dundas Ontario.

Q: Will you come to us? We would like you to photograph our family in our garden.

A: Sure. I also shoot outside (usually families, bands, friends, events, etc .) However, the good thing about shooting in the studio is that this gives us so much more control over lighting and Mother Nature.

Q: How long is a session?

A: 60 to 90 minutes, tops. The subject gets tired, and children get bored.

Q: Andie, I'm kinda old and not crazy about having a camera in my face ... and these wrinkles! But we promised the kids a portrait. Help!

A: I get it. The way I approach battle scars is just to make them less prominent. They're there, as well they should be, but they don't take over.

Q: I feel overweight and unattractive. I would like a portrait for myself but let me tell you what's holding me back: I have (Insert body imperfection here). What can you do for me?

A: Never you mind! My job is to see the best of you and get it into my camera. You will leave feeling much more comfortable than you were coming in. And, yes, I do post-shoot editing.

Q: What info do you need?

A: When we talk on the phone, we will work out what your expectations are. If this is a family shoot, I'll be asking you about the children's ages and a little about their sports, hobbies, and personalities. This is so I can better prepare for them, get a short list going, have more baby wipes, stuffed toys, etc. on hand.

Q: What do we wear? What do we NOT wear?

A: Pretty-well whatever you please, with a few exceptions: First, you've got to be comfortable whether you want formal or relaxed portraits (or some of both). Your clothes should reflect your personality: jeans and dark T-shirts (not white) are fine; go ahead and wear quirky outfits, or costumes, whatever outfits you want. Okay, maybe forget the holey T-shirt, sweats, and flip-flops, unless, of course, that's the theme you're going for - then, in that case, bring it on. Kids photographed during their layered or ripped phases can look oh-so-cool for posterity. Bring changes of clothes for when they decide to forgo the extreme Goth look at the last minute. BUT, people should match amongst each other somewhat, perhaps with similar scarves. It's not good to have half the people in light clothing and the others in dark, as that is difficult to photograph well. Black, dark, or jewel-toned clothes are good. Avoid bold or busy prints, contrasty colours, strong patterns, stripes, plaids, shiny thingees that reflect light and are distracting, and no logos or ads on the clothes. (Logos and ads can become half-cropped and look wrong.)

Q: Any stuff we should bring?

A: Bring items that are meaningful, such as kids' sports equipment, hockey gear, soccer ball, guitar, baseball glove, dance outfits, etc., also, hats, a favourite toy (but not one so big it will obscure the child's face.) The items can be part of the photo or just be there to comfort a shy child, and all this applies to adults, too. Bring your stuff.

Q: Can I bring my friend?

A: Certainly! Do be sure he or she won't make you uptight.

Q: What if I need special considerations from you?

A: Bring them on. We'll work together.

Q: Do you do Black and White?

A: Definitely, there are plenty of options that I can show you.

Q: What else do you photograph besides people?

A: Glad you asked. Check out the Galleries here on the website.

Q: How much does this cost and how would I pay you?

A: I get paid in two stages: The shoot is $150 dollars, payable at my studio by cash, cheque, or e-mail transfer; and the Flash Drive of photos, ready 7 to 10 days later, is $100 and payable when you come for it.

Q: I have more questions.

A: Call me with your questions. Call me to book. Call me at 905 746 3508. Or email me at andie@apartonphoto.com